Category: Sixth Form

From the Counsellor’s Chair

24th May 2018

Tips on managing exams for parents. Our School Counsellor, Mrs R Good, has some timely advice for parents during this examinations season. ‘Whilst a certain amount of pressure and worry can motivate some students to revise and achieve in exams, the pressure of exams can feel intolerable for others, activating or intensifying existing feelings of…

Priory 6 and Lower V work together

4th May 2018

Conversations for development.  Wednesday 2nd May saw Lower VI engage in an initiative designed to help prepare Lower V pupils for life in Priory 6.  At the beginning of the afternoon Lower VI pupils advised on A Level subjects to groups of Lower V pupils who rotated from subject station to subject station.  This was…

Prep III prepares for Association Day

4th May 2018

Young Young Enterprise.  Prep III explored their entrepreneurial abilities this week as they took part in a project designed to cultivate their business, creative and marketing skills! As part of the upcoming Association Day on Saturday 30th June this group of budding businesswomen will be designing and making their own products to sell on a…

Seniors hear about World War I

4th May 2018

Visit from Mr Alan Reed.  As part of the History curriculum, a field visit is undertaken to the battlefields of World War I.  This year we were privileged to host Mr Alan Reed, an expert on World War I, who came to St Augustine’s Priory on Friday 27th April to speak on the topic and…

Juniors enjoy our new equipment

27th April 2018

Google Chromebooks. Mr Dellow, Head of ICT, has some exciting news to impart… ‘If you take a look around you will probably find you are no more than a metre away from some form of computing device, in fact, you are likely to be using one to read this post. As of this week our…

The Scintillating Space Between Us

27th April 2018

Mr Elder, Poet, English Department. If there is a space in your life then we can help you fill it by recommending Mr Elder’s latest publication of poetry. ‘The Space Between Us’ won the Cinnamon Press Debut Collection and is described as “At times tender and at times laugh-out-loud funny, Elder seamlessly negotiates anything from the terrors…

Running and raising funds

24th April 2018

Mr Alejandro and the London Marathon 2018. The London Marathon, held last weekend, was a challenge for all athletes not only in terms of endurance but also in having to cope with the weather.  The hottest London Marathon on record it is a remarkable feat for those who finished.  Among those, finishing in the splendid…

Priory 6 Newsletter

20th April 2018

Issue 01. We are pleased to present the first issue of the Priory 6 Newsletter, outlining all that Priory 6 is looking forward to during this Summer Term and onwards into the future, and so is of relevance to all those in Upper V.  The events, the exams and the enjoyments! Priory 6 2018 –…

The Bursar’s Lament

20th April 2018

A seasonal poem. At this time of year our grounds are springing to life with buds, blossoms and the grass is definitely growing!  Our Estates Staff care for our grounds and in Spring special care is given to our lawns, emerging from the harshness of winter. You will therefore notice that there are some signs…

St Augustine of Hippo

19th April 2018

Hope for today. Our patron saint, St Augustine of Hippo, the fourth century theologian and philosopher, was the bishop of Hippo in north Africa (and not to be confused with St Augustine of Canterbury).  The following quote can inspire and challenge us to be mindful and work for justice, and peace, in the world today.