Our Family

Our community is extremely strong. We regularly hear students speak of “our beautiful school” and our parents use that shared language. During COVID,  we worked together to overcome many challenges with parents, governors and former pupils volunteering to help with lateral flow testing, examination supervision, our allotment and social media presence. Our founding story and our clear values mean that those who join us have chosen us because we stand out from other schools. They know that when we speak of courage, integrity and truth we mean it. We regard our work with our families as a partnership.

Our governors are extraordinary professionals who devote their considerable generosity to the school. Our students know that because we are a Catholic school we will speak about loving them. We are founded on the premise of St Augustine that when we are happy we learn best. Strong relationships based on respect are integral to that happiness and lifelong success. Our Parents Committee runs wonderful community events and our Association is part of that friend and fund raising aspect of our work.