Nursery and Reception

We are a Catholic school and as such we often say to the children that there is only one person in the world with their fingerprints. Each child is unique and it is our task, with parents, to uncover the gifts each child in our care has.

Our Nursery provision is Outstanding (ISI Inspection Report). Our staff are highly trained and exceptionally well qualified, which means the children experience an unrivalled quality of care and education. Every day we provide imaginative, creative and stimulating learning opportunities. Nursery staff are dedicated to communicating with parents, working together in partnership to ensure that children are thriving and making progress in their learning.

Our dedicated Nursery staff nurture and care for every child, getting to know them and their families in depth. Nursery staff start with the child’s interests and build on these to deliver exciting and creative learning and development opportunities which are deeply rooted in learning through play.

In Nursery we follow the EYFS Curriculum with its seven areas of Learning and Development – three prime areas – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, and four specific areas – Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design. The development of the whole person is central to Catholic education. Our pupils know they are loved.

Outdoor and physical education is embedded in our daily activity – “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” –waterproofs and wellies are an essential item on our uniform list – so that Nursery children can learn and play outside all the year round. The outdoor environment provides a rich, natural space for learning and developing young minds. Our Forest School and Physical Education sessions are part of our learning resources. Nursery children are taught once a week by our specialist P.E. teachers. In P.E sessions, we develop children’s gross and motor skills and coordination and teach them essential skills, whilst our Forest School sessions allow children to explore their natural surroundings using their senses to learn about the world around them.

Throughout the year, we focus on building relationships, growing in independence and becoming independent learners. In Nursery, we lay the foundations for transition in a nurturing and exciting learning environment making certain that our Nursery children transition seamlessly into Reception.


Reception provision is Outstanding (ISI Inspection Report).  Girls make exceptional progress because they benefit from excellent teaching. They are taught by a team of experienced, caring and dedicated staff. This is a stimulating, inspirational environment enabling the strongest possible start.

Our Reception children enjoy wonderfully small classes and a vibrant experience of learning. Bespoke work with each child is possible because of our very high staff to pupil ratio. Our highly experienced, visionary teachers make sure that our love of learning is caught at an early age. Research based pedagogy means that learning is consistently imaginative and forward thinking. We get them ready for the digital age while ensuring they have a proper childhood.

“Whatever magic it is that the Head and her team are working that seems to result in so many smiling faces; don’t change it!”

Current Parent

“We sent you our baby and within a few months you sent back a little girl who can read, write, add, sing and dance”

Current Parent