The Whole Person

We are a Catholic school which welcomes children of all faiths and none. As a Catholic school we know that every human being is unique. Our innovative approach to pupil development sees pupils in the round. We see the academic and pastoral as integrated.

Our pupils benefit from small class sizes and personalised learning. A high profile approach to inclusive learning lifts the performance of all students. Seeing the pastoral and academic as interwoven means that we constantly build in opportunities for self-development – for empathy, emotional intelligence, cooperation, negotiation , leadership and social awareness.

We have been educating girls since 1634 when the school was founded in Paris. We often remind the girls that this school was newly opened in Ealing during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Courage is written into the walls of this place.

Our founding story gives us a mission to make sure that our girls become women and mothers, who are brave, principled and agile in the face of change. It matters to us that we enable girls to look people in the eye, to know their worth and to have open hearts. Our values of truth and integrity equip them for the most challenging jobs. Ethical leadership, in this time of the 4th industrial revolution, has never mattered more. Our digital strategy proclaims that we want them to be creators not users of technology.

Girls here are free to be themselves – they learn to climb trees in the meadow, to play on the pirate ship even when they are teenagers. They sing in choirs, write mass settings, play in ensembles and win national competitions designing travel systems on Mars.

In short, pupils here learn how to be whole, amazing people, flourishing in every way. They are creators in every sense of the word.

When you join, you join a family – parents talk about “our school”.

All parents are members of our Association which helps us to fundraise for key projects and helps students to benefit from our network as we generate rich careers events and work experience placements. We all work for a very long time and it matters that girls are excited about what they are going to do.

We love a competition (and winning) How fitting that last year, 3 of our Upper VI students were accompanied by one of our recent leavers who had studied Astrophysics. They won a video competition where they had to design an underground travel system in Mars – this was Mathematical modelling, computer science and design joining up at pace. We are serious when we say we want the girls to be equipped for the future. We want them to learn to appreciate what is good, to develop healthy relationships – that is the route to mental health, but we also want them to be hungry for justice, to be the people you would want in charge if there were ever another pandemic.

We are an all – through school. Our Preps rise automatically to the Seniors. As a member of the Girls’ School Association Consortium we welcome applications from girls at 11 plus. They will be girls who are hoping to experience academic rigour with an environment that declares that we learn best when we are happy.

We see outstanding pastoral care and academic excellence as integrated. And so it is deliberate that our pastoral care extends quite literally to the way in which we use our beautiful grounds. We are the only school I know of in West London with 13 acres, a farm and all sporting facilities on site.

Come and be part of creating that future. Book a tour or Open Day today.

“Do you want to be great? Start by being.”

St Augustine