Years 3 – 6

In the Preps (Years 3 – 6), we have a team of outstanding teachers who encourage and extend the girls in all aspects of their education and development.  Every class has a form teacher who provides the key link between the home and school. Girls are assessed and tracked half-termly to ensure they are making excellent progress. As an all through school we do not enter girls for SATs but we constantly benchmark performance and know that the girls consistently outperform themselves.

Our Key Stage 2 pupils demonstrate on average a reading level 11 points above National averages using standardised benchmark testing. Furthermore 30% of Prep pupils are classified as having superior or very superior reading skills (Test of Word Reading Efficiency descriptors). 

As a small school we know each child through and through. Their voices are heard, whether through reviewing our library provision for inclusive representation or discussing Rewards and Sanctions as part of School Council.

Our innovative curriculum provides extensive opportunities for children to work collaboratively, developing their individual talents and a genuine appetite for learning. This approach mirrors the future of work – we are preparing women of the future.   Educational visits, workshops and curriculum focused weeks such as, Science Week, Book Week, Maths Week and Healthy Schools Week enhance the girls’ learning experience. The older girls enjoy a variety of residential trips including, a Year 6 French Trip, team building trips and ski-trips.

Thanks to our extensive grounds, we can offer an unusually broad extra-curricular programme. The grounds act as an outdoor classroom. Our Prayer Garden, as well as on-site netball, hockey, athletics and tennis facilities on our full-size astro-turf pitch mean we waste no time travelling on coaches for sports lessons. As an all-through school, Preps have unique access to participate in sports, music and drama activities with senior girls.  These activities also run in parallel with a diverse programme of workshops by visiting subject specialists, speakers, musicians, actors, scientists and facilitators. We inspire the girls to step up.

The Clock House is currently home for Years 3 and 4 whilst the Upper Key Stage 2 classes (Years 5 and 6) are housed on the ground floor of the main school building.  As girls progress into the Upper Preps, some of the curriculum continues to be taught by the form teacher, but an increasing number of subjects are taught by specialist teachers.  The children have use of the ICT suite, the Music and Drama room and Science lessons are held in both the classroom and the laboratories of the Science Block. Children entertain parents and showcase their talents in Concerts and Drama productions and there are regular visits to theatres, museums and art galleries.

Girls in Years 3, 4 and 5 have swimming lessons at a local swimming pool and our swimming squad competes regularly against other schools. As the girls move through the school we increase the scope of responsibilities available to them. We expect them all to take an active part in our community whether leading assemblies, clubs or taking part in competitions. We are preparing girls for Senior school and increased autonomy. More than that we are getting them ready for a global future at a time when human activity continues to push planetary boundaries. They need to be ready emotionally and intellectually to help make our world more cohesive. Our Inclusion Committee ensures that they know how to negotiate, listen, adapt and be flexible. Their voices are at the heart of all we do. These skills set them up for greatness.