Parent Conversations

We treasure our relationships with parents and carers and we work hard to set up ways in which we can work in partnership with you. One of the ways we do this is by holding regular Parent Conversations. These take a varied format – sometimes we will present aspects of teaching and learning or information about transition points followed by a chance for dialogue about experiences. It is always joyful to hear parents with older children who can share their experience with other parents. We know that being connected is one route to well-being and we run these sessions to help you feel connected with us and each other.

At other times we welcome external speakers with the same opportunity for conversations to follow. When these are about potentially highly charged topics, like drugs, FGM, Sex Education we find that this very open approach allows us all to journey together. If we want to set up the best possible safeguarding culture we have to find ways together in which we help our children to tell their stories. These conversations help us to do this in a powerful way.