Results & Destinations

St Augustine’s Priory girls enjoyed exceptional 2021 A Level results with consistency in A* grades. 85% of A Level grades were A*/A, 98% were A*/A/B and 100% of grades were A* to C.  Our GCSE pupils have deservedly received outstanding results and with 79% of our results being Grades 9, 8 and 7, which is A*-A in the old currency.

Students have received exceptional offers from an impressive range of courses and universities nationwide, which include Mathematics at Bristol University, Politics and International Studies at Warwick University, Dental Surgery at Plymouth University, Biomedical Sciences at Exeter University, Russian Studies and Social Policy/Sociology and Politics at Edinburgh University, Chemical Engineering at University College London and Classical Studies at King’s College London. All the girls have impressed us with the quality of their research into the courses and providers, also securing places with top grades at leading institutions with a specialism for their course of study, for example, Mathematics and Accounting and Financial Management at Loughborough University. In addition, the students have had great success applying to non-UK universities with places achieved at a range of U.S. universities with impressive offers of scholarships from the University of Tampa and SMU in Dallas. We pride ourselves on providing an education which equips our pupils to pursue the widest range of subjects at university and this year’s Upper VI has yet again proved the efficacy of the school’s approach.

Our students were incredibly focused and brave, rising to the challenge in an inspirational way. Their teachers led them through the new system applying their expertise and together they have ensured that each girl has received the results which are right for them.

See below a breakdown of our GCSE and A Level results.

You will also find links to documents detailing the university destinations of our girls in recent years.