Years 10 – 11

Our GCSE results are outstanding every year and this is no accident. With teachers who value well-being and the individual progress of each girl, who are relentless in their pursuit of academic excellence and generous with their help for all, each student knows that theirs is a personalised journey. The last two years have proved the importance of this bespoke work as we have adapted to constant changes. While the dust settles on the public examination picture, we know our students are beautifully placed to excel because we know them and their needs inside out.

Results matter but our students know they do not define them. Our work with the whole person is complemented by retreats organised in conjunction with the RE department as part of the PSHEE programme. The days provide a much needed break from the challenges of GCSEs and bring the girls back to the rootedness of reflection, celebration and prayer. The girls plan and deliver their own liturgy in the Chapel, followed by various activities on the grounds.

Each girl in UV has a mentor, often a member of the Senior Leadership Team and so their progress and development is thoughtfully followed. A series of events prepares them for the next stage of their academic life from Sixth Form Open Evening to work experience and other Careers events.

Able, Gifted and Talented

Our girls have the opportunity to attend Oxbridge group monthly sessions, whether they are interested in applying to Oxford or Cambridge or to other academically prestigious Russell Group Universities. These are often broadly faculty-based (Humanities and Social Sciences, English and Modern Foreign Languages, Maths and Science) and challenge the girls to think independently about a wide range of topics. They are designed to stimulate their intellectual curiosity and as well as their thirst for knowledge for its own sake. Our aim is to develop our girls’ confidence in discussing eclectic issues spontaneously to support with interview practice and application to universities. These sessions run alongside our unique Stretch and Challenge programme where students select a topic of independent interest, researching and presenting in a format which lines them up for the rigour of A levels and beyond.