Vision, Values and Mission

Our world is yearning for people with vision and hope. Our ambitious Mission Statement comes out of our knowledge that each child is unique. We want them to learn how to change their world. Everything we do is driven by this – when you meet one of our pupils ask them how they think they will change the world. They will surprise you.

Our girls will change the world

  • We are a Catholic community inspired by the vision of our founders and passionate about shaping a better future.
  • We empower pupils with outstanding results, a love of learning and an alternative way of thinking.
  • Augustinians are ethical leaders sowing joy, truth and courage.
  • In this school freedom and generosity of spirit flourish. We seek a sustainable and prosperous future for all the world’s communities.
  • We cherish love for our neighbour, welcoming different faiths and cultures. Learning through dialogue we have hearts open to the whole world.