Vision, Values & Mission

At St Augustine’s we pride ourselves on our richly embedded culture. Our Vision and Values are woven into every aspect of our work.

Our Vision is to ensure that girls leave St Augustine’s equipped with the full range of skills required for life-long success as a woman.

Our values and why they are central to our vision and mission

A love of learning: we value academic excellence and see it as preparation for life-long learning. We treasure intellect, quality of thought, and we know how girls learn best. We inspire our girls so that they see the rewards of intellectual curiosity and discovery.

We want each girl to achieve her potential and more.

Integrity and truth: we encourage the strength of character, which is enabled in a community, founded in faith, in which lessons are learned thoughtfully and through a distinct quality of relationship. When girls leave school they are rooted in values, which make them effective in their personal and professional lives.

Our girls will look people in the eye with confidence and conviction.

Courage: we encourage intellectual risk taking, enabling girls to think and act boldly, and developing the stomach for challenges which life throws at us. Through a bold approach to emotional intelligence we build the resilience girls need to live their lives fully and with dignity.

Our girls will be agents of change with the appetite to compete and the skills to handle triumph and disaster in equal measure.

Freedom of spirit: we believe that each member of our community is unique, with her own giftedness. As such we embed the practice of prayer and reflection, the quest for self-knowledge so that we know each girl and she knows herself. Armed in this way she can be independent minded and able to take her place in the world.

We want each girl to be true to herself, to know her worth.

A community: we are a community where respect for others and the wider community, thoughtfulness, generosity, forgiveness and love of others are central. We believe that guided by the Holy Spirit we become more than the sum of our parts.

St Augustine taught that a secure and happy environment enables the best learning and our community reflects that.

Our Mission

We are an all-through, selective Catholic girls’ school with boys in the Nursery.  We welcome pupils of all faith backgrounds. As a girls’ school we are committed to preparing girls for life long effectiveness and success. As part of their journey, girls will learn of intellectual risk-taking and emotional strength, reflection and self-knowledge, persuasiveness and team building as well as a cultural curiosity for an enriched enjoyment of life.

In our stunning 13 acres of grounds, girls have a physical freedom unique in central London. We aim to instil in them the emotional freedom to grow intellectually and spiritually and to understand the truth about themselves, others and our complex world. We will give them the courage to be ambitious and compassionate and we will provide a secure, happy and nurturing community in which to explore all of the above.

To this end we seek, develop and retain the best teachers who value well-being and the individual progress of each girl as much as they are relentless in their pursuit of academic excellence. Their goal is life-long success for each girl and they set the pace of energy and dynamism within which the girls flourish.