Pastoral Care & Well being

St Augustine famously observed that we learn well when we are happy. Thus care for every child is at the heart of what we do. We see the academic and the pastoral as intertwined. Strong relationships lie at the heart of pastoral care and our team is highly trained in proactive pastoral care. 

Pastoral Care

Every child at St Augustine’s is treasured for who they are uniquely. We often remind them that there is only one person on the earth with their fingerprints. All children at St Augustine’s know they have a place to take in the world. We expect the highest standards of behaviour and all who visit us comment on the calm and purposeful way our students live and breathe. This work to cherish the individual while ensuring they understand their role in caring for others is ably led day to day by our highly experienced form teachers. It is enhanced by our way of proceeding as a community. Our RADIO theme embeds respect, active listening and dialogue. Our outreach work is integral to an understanding that care for others, volunteering and service are routes to well-being. We all benefit as human beings (not doings!) from our unique grounds, our extended green spaces, a meadow with a pirate ship and trees to climb. With an inspirational curriculum which uses the grounds, outdoor stage, the wind in our hair and mud on our feet every day, everyone learns to find joy and peace in their own way. Our frenzied world, a pandemic and a world of uncertainty means we must show our pupils how to live confidently and without fear. Deep rooted learning about well-being and self-knowledge is how we enable that navigation. 

When students do need help, they know who the trusted adults are. In our warm community different year groups know each other. Our Sixth Formers are trained in listening. We use the Girls on Board programme to help girls sail through friendships with skills for life. Our co-curricular programme provides for the most gregarious,  to the child who is happy in her own company. Our work with families is a partnership. 

Online Safety Hub

We also encourage parents to make use of the Online Safety Hub, an essential tool to support your child’s digital journey with expert advice on everything from keeping safe online to navigating the tricky world of gaming and social media.

The Farm and Sanctuary

Our Farm is a haven just past the Sanctuary (a summer house donated by our parents), where an understanding of what it means to be a co-creator is embedded. A gaggle of ducks waffling past, an allotment to be tended, apples quietly growing, lambs bleating, all joyfully encapsulate our lovely grounds and the way our pupils can benefit from our inspirational care. 

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Meet The Team!

Ms Hales

DSL Assistant Head

Mr McCarthy

Deputy Head Senior - Academic

Mrs Lenton

Deputy Head Seniors - Pastoral

Ms McLoughlin

Deputy Head Preps & Pre-Preps

Ms Steuart

Mental Health Lead and Counsellor

Mrs Finnegan

School Nurse