Inspection Reports

We are very proud of our two most recent inspections where we achieved the highest rating possible in all available categories.   

We were rated “excellent” in both academic achievement and personal development in our ISI inspection report (November 2021). Our most recent Catholic Schools Inspectorate report graded us “outstanding” in all areas (June 2023). 

Inspectors’ comments include the following: 

Pupils demonstrate outstanding attitudes towards their learning and their knowledge… [their] high aspirations are reflected in the places they gain at universities in the UK and overseas. 

Pupils demonstrate an exceptionally good understanding of respect and tolerance for other cultures and those of different faiths and beliefs 

Pupils have excellent levels of self-esteem and self-confidence which enable them to take the school’s core values into the wider world. 

Relationships in school are strong; this is a joyful community. Pupils actively seek ways to support the poor, they care deeply for the planet, are highly ethical and bound by a common code. There is a strong culture of welcome for all pupils. Staff are exemplary role models.  

“Wowed by first visit to St Augustine’s Priory in Ealing. Hidden Gem. Why has no-one told us about this fabulous school before now?”


80% of pupils consider their teachers ‘inspirational’