Sixth Form

At St Augustine’s, we know that the two years you spend in sixth form are two of the most formative of your educational life.  Sixth form is not only important academically, but also for developing the skills and experiences that will prepare you for your future beyond school.  Sixth form is about more than A Levels: it is about the whole person. In Priory Sixth we have extremely high expectations of our students; they are curious and creative; diligent and determined; innovative and full of initiative. However, most importantly, in our community we recognise that each of our students is an individual with their own ambitions and aspirations.  Our uniquely close-knit community provides the ideal environment for students to grow and mature, providing opportunities for risk-taking, discovery, vision and creativity, underpinned by the stability of our excellent pastoral support and the joyful friendships made.

Priory Sixth is at the heart of St Augustine’s; our students thrive from the plentiful and frequent opportunities to lead the school, be it working with younger students, organising our numerous school-wide or charity events or embracing important causes or movements.  It is a delight to see our students develop throughout their time with us into courageous, visionary young people who not only recognise the power of their voices but also have the confidence to go out into the world and use them.