Seniors’ Co-curricular Fair

Posted: 16th January 2019

The opportunity to become involved.

Thursday 10th January saw the Seniors gather en masse at the co-curricular fair for the chance to enrol in one of the many co-curricular clubs on offer at St Augustine’s Priory which cater for a wide variety of interests and enthusiasms.  Mr Green reports on the event:


‘Last week saw the second ever co-curricular fair take place in the temporary hall. Despite the large venue it was very busy with over thirty different clubs vying for trade. Creative advertising ideas were on full show: astronomy club had made their own badges, cheerleading had a glittering array of medals and kit on display.


This term there was an eclectic mix of new clubs ranging from lego mindstorms and gardening club to creative writing and criminology – and everything in between. As always the sports table was overwhelmed. Priory 6 members have taken a great leap in responsibility, running many of these new clubs, allowing them to share their passions with younger pupils.’


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