Category: Faith Life

Music News

5th May 2016

From the Director of Music Four weeks into term and it is wonderful to hear the sound of rehearsals underway at lunchtimes, before and after school. A number of ensembles have chosen to mark this year’s Shakespeare anniversary in creative ways. The Senior Orchestra has started rehearsing the Dance of the Clowns from Mendelssohn’s music…

Youth Mayor of Ealing raises funds for charity

5th May 2016

The Little Princess Trust During her year in office, Pervin Kaur, Upper VI student at St Augustine’s Priory and Youth Mayor of Ealing, is working hard on several issues including fundraising for The Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides real hair wigs to children across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own…

Upper IVA’s Retreat experience

28th April 2016

Exploring Theology Here, Shahla Ghodrat, Upper IVA, reports on Upper IVA’s recent Retreat, held at SPEC, the residential retreat centre for children and young people in the Diocese of Westminster. ‘On 26th April, Upper IVA visited SPEC where we explored the nature of God. SPEC is the residential retreat centre for children and young people…

Upper VI visit to the Buddhist Vihara

28th April 2016

Religious Studies and Upper VI This article from Upper VI students, compiled by Shivali Sharma, reports on the recent visit of Upper VI Religious Studies students to the Buddhist Vihara in Chiswick ‘The teachings of the Buddha have been a way of life for millions of people in the East for over two and a…

Musical News

21st April 2016

A focus on the Mass More news from our Director of Music, Mr Martin, re musical news this week: ‘The Summer Term has got off to a fine start and congratulations are due to all the girls who took an ABRSM instrumental exam last term. It was an excellent set of results with a 100%…

Calais Kitchens

14th April 2016

Lent Collection feeds thousands with fish The final newsletter of Lent Term commenced with a message from Mrs Raffray which highlighted the many freedoms we in the UK enjoy and which other people, in other places, are not so fortunate to experience. The backdrop to this reflection was a Monday morning assembly in which the…

Welcoming the Summer Term

13th April 2016

Mass at St Augustine’s Priory As always, we welcomed a new term at St Augustine’s Priory by celebrating Mass for both the Juniors and Seniors.  We were pleased to welcome Fr Thomas from Ealing Abbey who celebrated the Masses for us today, occasions of joy for the beginning of the Summer Term. Both Masses saw…

Easter prayer

12th April 2016

Seeing with new eyes Happy Easter! Seeing with Easter Eyes is the prayer which is being displayed in the school to help us to celebrate this season of renewal and to see the world through the eyes of the Easter experience. We thought you would like to share this prayer with us and we attach…

Upper I, Lower I and Holy Week

24th March 2016

Through Holy Week with the Juniors Mrs Van Der Merwe, Form Teacher, Lower I, takes us through Holy Week with Upper I and Lower I.  The girls in both classes have made Holy Week bracelets to support their learning about the events and importance of Holy Week, which is also part of our R.E. curriculum….

Quicksticks Festival

18th March 2016

Quicksticks Festival nets success with local Catholic schools There is something superhuman about the P.E. Department at St Augustine’s Priory. The pace at which they operate would rival Road Runner. And are we grateful for it? Oh yes! One of the many pleasures of working here is the reassurance that our girls are free to…