A Stitch in Time: Designing the Long Kneelers

Posted: 27th January 2016

The stitches multiply


From the Nursery to Upper VI during January the whole school was involved in our A Stitch in Time Project. The smaller kneelers have been designed and are in production with the whole school, staff, past pupils and Governors embroidering and spreading the kneelers far and wide – even going as far as Somerset!


The design for the embroidery for the long kneelers has now taken off.  All classes, with the support of Miss Eng, Acting Head of Art, and in close collaboration with their Form Teachers, researched the emblems and artefacts around the school, such as the portraits of the founders of the order and the school, Lady Mary Tredway and Fr Thomas Carre. They also drew pictures including of the nuns, Cardinal Vincent Nichols and our first building in Paris and then translated their research into pictures (sometimes in glorious technicolour!)





Miss Eng comments on the process so far:

‘I was so pleased with the response to the icon designing for the Long Kneelers project! Every Form from the Nursery to the Sixth Form took part and many entries across the school were beyond my expectations in their creativity. Notable entries so far are the Veritas balloons from the Sixth Form and a recusant coat of arms from Lower V.  I was delighted by a Nursery student who insisted the he wanted ‘beige not white’ to draw the Cardinal’s face!



I have received a lot of feedback about the questions asked and issues discussed  –  thank you to all the teachers who helped to lead the project and had such meaningful discussions with their students. The next thing to happen is for one design from each Form to be chosen, and used as the inspiration for the final two metre design. Watch this space!’



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