Priory Post 36 – A day in the life…

Posted: 19th August 2015


…of Miss Hayden

We thought you might be interested in the daily activities of the staff at St Augustine’s Priory.  So here is the first of an occasional series of articles written by different members of staff on a typical (?) day in their lives.  We start with a day in the life of Miss Hayden, Form Tutor Lower IVA,  teacher of Physics, Astronomy, co-ordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and energetic organiser of many other activities.

The day in question?  Thursday 9th October 2014…

“I write this as I walk with purpose down the corridor.  My day so far has gone as such:

  • Woke up.
  • Put approximately 10 pens in my hair.
  • Dashed to the tube – exited with far less pens. I suspect strangers stole them….or possibly it’s because my hair is not tied up…
  • Made it into school with enough time to gulp down coffee and do some photocopying before running down to my Form room.

There’s an atmosphere of anticipation: it’s Parents’ Evening tonight.


A sample of some of my lessons…

Periods 1 and 6 consist of Lower IVA and Lower IV Alpha finding the answers to questions and then teaching the answers  to each other.  It’s interesting for me to then question them post-teaching and see just how well they understand what they’ve learned from each other.

Period 4: Upper V Physics. The girls take part in a heated debate over the future of energy use and electricity generation.  I have to restrain myself from joining in and manage to succeed…most of the time.

Lunch time is a quick lunch and then a dash to the Science Block where I have an astronomy class.


Free Periods:  “I’d get so much work done if only I didn’t have to teach”  is a frequent grumble of mine during free periods, during which I tackle chunks of my to-do list, which include:

  • Ordering practicals for next week,
  • Planning for next week,
  • Dealing with emails,
  • Setting cover,
  • Setting exams,
  • Preparing for Parents’ Evening,
  • Preparing for Open Day,
  • Updating my VLE sections,
  • Updating the Science twitter account,
  • Writing letters,
  • Praying to receive confirmation of Duke of Edinburgh expedition dates (If I don’t get them soon I may weep!),
  • …And a million other little things that are the norm for a school day.

I thank goodness for teaching however, which is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE part of my job.

After school is Project Club, where Miss Rutherford and I encourage girls to be creative and use their imagination. The current task is to design and build a board game, and I’m excited about what I’m witnessing being created.

After a quick bite to eat it’s time for Parents’ Evening.

I exit the school after 9.00 p.m., exhausted and longing for bed.

Another week is coming to an end, and I’m looking forward to the Science Museum visit tomorrow.’


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