Priory Post 3 – Poetry Success at the Chiswick Book Festival

Posted: 19th August 2015


Poetry Success at the Chiswick Book Festival

The Chiswick Book Festival’s Poetry Competition was the scene of yet more Augustinian poetry triumphs as Zoe Mills, Lower IVA, came second in the Year 7 category with her poem, ‘Smaug’, and Abigail Marques De Assis, also of Lower IVA, was commended for her poem.

Congratulations to Zoe and to Abigail, this is a wonderful achievement.

Here we take great pleasure in reproducing Zoe’s poem:


Beneath the mountain there he lay
He slept upon his golden hoard
Curved between the pillars grey
In great halls long unexplored

The beast upon gold, goblet, gem and sword
In halls of stone, hidden away,
Halls of ancient Dwarvish Lord,
King under the mountain yet another day

The hobbit crept into the cavern dim
Searching among the sea of gold
His foot fall quiet, his face grim
Sneaking around the halls of old

There he searched, little a sound,
Upon the gold he wandered alone,
Wishing further the great jewel be found,
Looking for the Arkenstone

Coins shifted beneath the dragon’s frame
The treasure slid from his gold-red scales
His eyes shone with inner flame
A terror within the foretold tales

His whip-like tail curled around
His teeth like swords, his claws like spears
Rising upon the golden mound,
His fire-eyed glare, pledging fears…


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