GCSE results at St Augustine’s Priory

Posted: 26th August 2022

A day to celebrate.

Congratulations to all our GCSE candidates who received their results yesterday, Thursday 25th August.  It was wonderful to see our students (together with many family members) who came to school to celebrate with us.

Following the excellent A Level results at St Augustine’s Priory last week, the GCSE results achieved by the pupils continue to impress and reflect the commitment and hard work of students and teachers.

Mrs Raffray commented: ‘We are delighted to share our excellent individual and subject successes for our GCSE candidates. We are back in the land of working with exam boards and we know that this year group of GCSE students can be especially proud of their dedication and pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.’

The overall GCSE results here were as follows:

  • 69% of all results were Grade 7 or above,
  • 20% of all grades were Grade 9, and
  • 42% of all grades were 8/9.

Mrs Raffray went on to say, ‘Overall, 21% of our students gained all Grade 7 and above, a huge achievement and we congratulate all our Upper V students on their success’.

She concluded, ‘The national and world stage remains extremely troubling and the more I witness the more convinced I am of the profound worth of what we are doing here at St Augustine’s Priory. Our GCSE students today have modelled that for us – they have been an utter joy to work with and our relationships with them are incredibly strong.’

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