Breeding a Therapy Sheep

Posted: 12th July 2022

Our pet lamb.

We didn’t start out with the idea of breeding a therapy sheep, it just seemed to happen!  When our lambs were born this Spring, one of them was unfortunately rejected by his mother.

So the Farm Managers, under the guidance of Mr Raffray, decided to hand rear the lamb. Bottle-feeding a new born lamb was a new experience for all those involved and required great dedication and commitment to ensure that he was fed every few hours.  But Lupin, as the lamb was named, was worth it!

Coming when called.

Although Lupin did not have a mother who acknowledged his presence, he mixed well with the other lambs and would come when called, enjoying his feeds and becoming very attached to the Farm Managers.  This feeling was heartily reciprocated!  Lupin thrived and grew.

At the end of term Lupin was ready to move on and quite wonderfully, last Thursday (7th July), he left for a new home where there reside a group of therapy animals who go into hospitals and schools.

We will miss Lupin but are happy knowing that he is going to become a therapy sheep and have a very worthwhile role in life.

We know that everyone who meets him in his new role will be as happy as we all were to know him here.

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