GSA Creative Writing competition

Posted: 7th July 2022

Great success!

The Creative Writing Club is thrilled to announce that Tamara and Milly, both in Upper IV have achieved great success in the Girls’ Schools Association Creative writing competition.   In the KS3 category Tamara’s poem has been awarded runner-up position and Milly’s poem has been highly commended.

Congratulations to both!

Mrs King, English Department, says, ‘This year, girls were invited to submit pieces to share their imaginations on the eco-theme of ‘Dear Earth…’. With the earth and planet uppermost in many minds, the competition was designed to give expression to girls’ thoughts on how precious our natural world is.’

Here is Tamara’s poem, which I know you will want to read!

Breathe in, breathe out

It’s seventeen sixty and smoke wisps through  the air:

London’s heart keeps on beating, pumping,

Jittering and stuttering.

Coughing, chronic bronchitis;

A pall of blotched black smoke burdens the shoulders of

Albion Johnson wheeling his cart before sunrise as,

wheezing, he pours ash-filtered milk into pail after pail.


Poisonous smoke possesses the parliamentarians,

blinding their eyes, blackening their tongues.

The race to the top, train tracks, clitter clatter,

the whistle of the Stockton and Darlington,

taunting the Ludvig

faster and faster,

fury almost

off the rails.


Smoke twisting and turning, touching the tips of trees,

ghostly hands, clenching the turf and roots of the earth;

coral crumbles and withers into the waters;

cuttlefish and crabs choke as their kidneys collapse.


Breathe in, breathe out.

And here is Milly’s poem:  it can be read in two ways – from the top down or from the bottom line up….

Milly did this to demonstrate that the situation can be changed if we look at things differently and decide to act.


The Earth is now ugly and polluted

It is hard to believe that


Our world was once a clean place


Clean, breathable air

How long can we survive without

Doing something to reverse the situation Earth is in

Mankind must start

To realise that our Earth is in danger

Otherwise it will be too late

We must act now

To save the planet we call home


Now read it from the bottom line up!

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