The ‘café français avec’ Prep III!

Posted: 6th July 2022

Having a delicious time.

Mlle Assemat, Modern Languages Department, reports on café life in Prep III that took place on 30th June.

‘Last week we had a great time in Prep III, turning the classroom into a French café!

In previous lessons, Prep III had learnt the appropriate key words and sentences to order and also ask customers what they would like. We had a few ‘serveuses’ and ’clientes’ in the class.

The girls could ask for ‘un croissant’, freshly baked, ‘un pain au chocolat’, ‘un jus d’orange’ ‘un jus de pomme’, un jus’d’orange’,’ un lait froid au chocolat ‘.

They used key vocabulary like: ‘Vous désirez?’: what would you like, ‘c’est combien’: how much is it? and plenty more.

The girls all took part and acted as different people. They were very creative and their pronunciation was quite authentic. Some girls even took the initiative to write the order in French! It was pure joy to see them having fun in our café!

Our pupils always enjoy recreating everyday life situations.

On s’est bien amusés! (We had a lot of fun). Bravo a toutes les Prep III!’

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