Upper II Scientists

Posted: 23rd June 2022

The Royal Institution.

Mrs Lennox reports on the recent scientific visit of Upper II:

‘Monday 13th June saw Upper II scientists venture forth to the Royal Institution to see ‘Science on Stage’.  This challenged them and stretched their scientific abilities. There were three main learning performances, all based on scientific knowledge, such as The Benjamin Franklin performance where they received a deeper understanding of how Mr Franklin executed his experiment on lightning.

This was followed by a fire performance where the pupils learnt more about the components of fire and carried out various experiments and lastly, the nitrogen performance where the girls were able to understand more about the change of state from gases to liquids and liquids to solids as well as the properties of nitrogen and what it can do.

After the experiments, lunch was eaten in Green Park behind London’s very own Ritz Hotel where the girls also had a chance to take a picture!

Upper II really enjoyed this visit to the Royal Institution and grasped key information that will be very useful to them as they transition from the Junior to Senior school.’

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