Upper IV Geographers

Posted: 6th June 2022

Workshops on the environment.

Ms Keep, Teacher of Geography, reports on the latest field trip made by our GCSE Geography students to learn about the issues affecting the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

‘On 26th May, Upper IV Geographers visited London Zoo. They attended two workshops: ‘Climate Change Sustainability’ and ‘Wildlife Under Threat’. The workshops were great, the students learnt about how the impacts of climate change are affecting different ecosystems globally, including coral reefs, wild dogs and frogs.


The students analysed a range of data and graphs to predict how temperatures were going to change in the future and the threats that may occur. In the second workshop, the students learnt about the various reasons animals are becoming endangered, focusing mainly on poaching, animals being used for medicinal purposes and fashion. Both workshops were very informative and the students remained focused (even though there were monkeys curiously watching us next to the zoo’s classrooms!).’



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