Upper II Liturgy Monitors

Posted: 18th March 2022

The Year of St Joseph.

Today, Friday 18th March, Miss Keane and our Upper II Liturgy Monitors took part in a special event.  Miss Keane reports:

‘Our Upper II Liturgy Monitors, Sophia, Angela, Maia and Bernadette attended a special Mass at Our Lady of St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Hanwell today to celebrate the end of the Year of St Joseph. They had the opportunity to meet other children in Catholic schools in the Ealing Deanery who are fulfilling similar roles.

The Liturgy Monitors also took part in a procession at the beginning of Mass, bringing specially decorated crosses in honour of St Joseph up to the Altar. As always, our Liturgy Monitors were a credit to the school and displayed exemplary knowledge and behaviour.


Liturgy Monitors have a central role in leading Collective Worship in the Junior School. They regularly assist with Gospel Assemblies, the St Cecilia Assembly, Collective Worship and the Faith Life of the Junior School.’

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