Change the Change

Posted: 22nd September 2021

A course for life.

It’s time to Change the Change

At St Augustine’s Priory we are committed to promoting physical well-being for girls and women in an ambitious and innovative way. With menopause awareness month coming up in October we are delighted to be able to introduce you to Change the Change – a truly integrated and holistic guide to an empowered menopause.

This is a hot topic at the moment, and rightly so, as the impact menopause can have on women, their loved ones and colleagues is little understood.

Devised by four women of the age, and experts from the fields of medicine, mindset, nutrition and fitness, Change the Change are on a mission to change this. They believe every woman should understand what menopause is, how it affects their bodies and what can be done to support it, both in terms of managing symptoms and safe-guarding long term health.

Fact File – did you know…

  • There are over 34 symptoms associated with menopause, from the commonly known hot flushes to anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, memory issues, poor concentration, brain fog, gut issues…
  • Menopause symptoms can last up to 12 years or more
  • Women develop a greater risk of heart disease, overtaking that of men, post menopause
  • Menopause puts women at a greater risk of osteoporosis, dementia and type 2 diabetes
  • Women experiencing menopause are the fastest growing work force demographic
  • 10% of women leave their jobs because of the menopause

And it’s not all about HRT. Whilst this has its place, diet and lifestyle factors have a big impact on menopause. The Change the Change six week online and interactive course covers the science, food, relaxation, movement and HRT leaving you with the knowledge and know-how to enjoy an informed, empowered and positive menopause transition. The course consists of a series of 6 weekly 1 hour webinars, live Q+A’s, 3 week food plan, live and recorded fitness sessions for all abilities, relaxation and stress management techniques, private Face book group support.

We have teamed up with Change the Change to offer you a 15% discount for their next course that starts on the 1st Nov. Visit their website and use the code: saparents15 at checkout.

Women are amazing, let’s stay that way!

Meet the team:

Dr. Andie Siggers – GP and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Francesca Moore – Nutritionist

Karen Stanton – Fitness Educator

Carol Milliner – Health + Mindset coach

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