Upper II mark Windrush Day

Posted: 8th July 2021

A stylish celebration.

Monday 22nd June was Windrush Day and Mrs Cattigan, Form Teacher Upper II Alpha, reports on the activities organised by Upper II:

‘Upper II celebrated Windrush Day in style on Tuesday 22nd June. They explored the history of the ‘Windrush Generation’ through watching news reels from 1948, when the Empire Windrush sailed into Tilbury Docks at 10:27am on 22nd June and listened to some interviews with men and women who had been on that first voyage and were happy to share, first-hand, their own stories. We then looked at more recent news footage of Theresa May’s government’s treatment of Windrush migrants in 2012 following changes to immigration laws, meaning the Windrush generation had to provide proof of their immigration status or risk being deported.

We then listened to a range of Caribbean inspired poetry, including John Agard, Una Marson, James Berry and Grace Nichols, before the girls chose a poem to rehearse and perform  – thinking carefully about how they could use their voice to bring their personality into their performance. Jamaican poet Una Marson describes each of her poems as a ‘heart-throb’. The girls were challenged to think about how they could bring a sense of rhythm to their performance to make it exciting for the listener.’


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