Seniors tackle philosophy

Posted: 8th July 2021

Communities of Enquiry.

Friday 2nd July saw the Seniors embark on philosophical enquiry as they took part in the Philosothon.  Mrs MacLennan explains, ‘This is a friendly competition in which students participate in a series of “communities of inquiry”.  The themes for the Form III and Lower IV discussions included responsibility, gullibility and trust and property.  Upper IV and Lower V discussed property and ownership, the principle of choice and the notions of both individual and collective responsibility.

Discussions stemmed from reading a stimulus passage and pursuing lines of inquiry as a group.  Students had to navigate their different views and opinions, questioning one another and working to understand their different perspectives to arrive at broader conclusions to their discussions.  Each group had a member of Priory Sixth and a staff member supporting them in their thinking and discussions.’

The grounds were a perfect place for the Seniors to philosophize and, in their different groups, were seen to be engaged in some riveting discussions!


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