Lower IV’s crosses

Posted: 20th May 2021

Learning from St Oscar Romero.

St Oscar Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador and was murdered in 1980.  He spoke for the poor and oppressed and was a man of conscience and faith.  Canonised by Pope Francis in 2018, here Mrs McDermott, Head of Faith Life tells us about the work Lower IV have been doing on this saint for our times:

‘In their unit of work on Conscience, Lower IV have studied the life and example of St Oscar Romero. He is often referred to as the conscience of El Salvador as he spoke out for the majority of the people of El Salvador against the injustices of the government there.

The CAFOD Romero Cross

As part of their study, the girls looked at a variety of examples of El Salvadorian wooden crosses and the Romero Cross, designed and used by CAFOD. The students designed their own crosses depicting their communities.  We hope that you enjoy their beautiful artwork’


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