Form III Scholars present

Posted: 14th May 2021

Understanding the universe.

Mr Elder enjoyed presentations from members of Form III this week in the latest news from our scholars.  He tells us,

‘Form III Academic Scholars met this week and we had two presentations. The first, from Arianna and Kate, was on the mind-bending topic of the universe, with the students asking, “How Much Do We Know About The Universe”. It turns out we know quite a bit, but not nearly as much as we would like to know – and so man’s insatiable quest for knowledge of the topic goes on.

Our second talk was from Giorgia who told us not only about the Chernobyl disaster, but also about the site today and the recovery programme that is ongoing. I certainly learnt new things about the project to make the area safe.

These were two very engaging talks on topics selected by the girls themselves, once more demonstrating the breadth of interests among students.’

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