Prep I and Nursery enjoy Earth Day

Posted: 22nd April 2021

Enjoying the outdoors. 

Earth Day is held annually on 22nd April to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  Everyone at St Augustine’s Priory took advantage of this day to spend every more time than ever enjoying the outdoors and seeing that treasuring our planet as something that everyone can do.


Prep I certainly set a great example by holding their entire day outdoors!  Every activity was moved outside, from the shop and cafe, to painting, and from reading to playing at the sand pit.

The Nursery, as always, loved playing in their outdoor area, where they have a wonderful array of flourishing plants.

Susannah in Prep I commented, ‘We have turned off the electricity in our classroom to save our planet’.  Prep I and Nursery set us all a great example.  One which the Preps and Juniors were eager to follow.

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