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Posted: 18th March 2021

The love of our planet.

Mrs Eaton, Head of English, takes us into the world of poetry, focusing on a poem by Mana in Upper IV.  ‘Our ‘Love Poetry’ module in English took us from the English Renaissance, to the sonnets of Petrarch and Shakespeare, the metaphysical poets, dramatic monologues and we looked at the influences and the poetic conventions employed.  Subsequently, the WWF Guianas website produced an emotive video showing the love for the Earth and eliciting love poetry influenced by contemporary concerns for our planet. This coincides with Earth Hour 2021 on 27th March.  Of the many brilliant submissions we received, Mana’s moving and reflective poem has been chosen to be reproduced here.  Mana commenced her study of English last September, when she joined St Augustine’s Priory.

Mana writes, ‘This poem tells the story of the earth before the appearance of humans to the present day. It is divided into three parts.  The first part talks about the earth before humans appear and the creation and development of humans.  The second section talks about the earth being destroyed by humanity.  The third part is about the earth being released and protected by humans.’

You, who were still young,

Increased beauty day by day.

Creatures settled in,

And gently protected you.


One day, a creature called a human

Was created by God.

At first, Humans, like other creatures,

Protected you.


However, humans were a little different from others,

They were very smart.

They have revealed your secrets one after another.


Some of them misunderstood you as their possession,

And they fought over your land.

They developed various things,

And they manipulated you.


You, who were taken by humans,

Declined day by day.

Creatures were gone.

And nobody protected you.


One day, humans realised their mistakes.

They drowned in the sea of ​​regret.

They were wrapped in deep sorrow.


However, humans realised

That only humans have destroyed you,

And only humans can heal you.


You, who are now released by humans,

Regains beauty day by day,

As when you were young.

Creatures are back,

And everybody protects you.


A forest full of green,

The clear blue sea and sky,

White cliffs and black volcanos.

The beautiful voice of insects echoes,

And a flock of swans whirls.


Every day, we are amazed at your appearance that we do not know,

And you teach us important things.

You are only one in this universe.

And someday, you will know,

How much we really love you.


All I can say now is that this wonderful blue star is full of life today, too.

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