The Bursar’s Lament

Posted: 20th April 2018

A seasonal poem.

At this time of year our grounds are springing to life with buds, blossoms and the grass is definitely growing!  Our Estates Staff care for our grounds and in Spring special care is given to our lawns, emerging from the harshness of winter.

You will therefore notice that there are some signs which read ‘Please keep off the lawn’ around the front of the school and also around the rose garden to protect the grass as it recovers.

We would ask you please to therefore not, for the moment, go on the grass in the rose garden.  The following poem may assist!

The Estates Staff were all working

The plans had all been drawn

For Spring they all were mowing

And working on the lawn.


The sheep they were all helping

To keep the grass all shorn

But Estates must do the tidying

Mess never to be borne.

But then they hit a problem

It was as clear as glass

Dear Reader, it was awesome –

The Bursar stood on the grass!

‘No, no’ they cried, ‘keep off it!’

‘The grass is all reborn,

For Spring is come and so it

Must not be all forlorn’.

The Bursar he was sorry

And looked all sad and drawn

He said he would be wary

And not tread on the lawn.

He came up with a plan so purebred

A thought as pure as dawn

And signs were put about that read

Please keep off the lawn!

So reader, do not venture,

Our rose garden give a pass

As an April kind-hearted gesture,

Do please keep off the grass!

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