Priory 6 examines Jesus: the Game Changer

Posted: 6th March 2018

General R.E. studies.

Mrs McDermott, Head of RE, reports on the studies which Priory 6 students have been following in their general Religious Education lessons:

‘In General RE lessons, Priory 6 students have been investigating the idea of Jesus the Game Changer. They have been watching a documentary based on the historicity of Jesus and how Jesus’ teaching was revolutionary for his time.’

“Jesus Christ has made an indelible mark on human history and he continues to so through his followers. Yet many people do not realise that the values western democracies are built on originate in the life and teaching of Jesus – the equality of all, servant leadership, care for the poor and marginalised, to name just a few.” (Karl Faase)

Alekia and Banu, (Lower VI) write, ‘In General RE, we learnt about how Jesus challenged conventions through including women in his ministry at a time when women had no voice under Jewish law. We have learnt that although Jesus changed the game, we still have issues to face today as women hence why we have movements such as the TimesUp and MeToo movements which stand against sexism and sexual abuse.’

Emilija (Upper VI) commented, ‘I see Jesus as a game changer – he is viewed as the most influential leader for religious and non-religious people and has influenced the lives of many millions of people for two thousand years.’

Yara (Lower VI) adds, ‘Jesus challenged the Jewish worldview and the views of many of the people, leading to a change in their belief systems. He also taught these people many lessons that Christians today all over the world use daily.’  While Aditi (Lower VI) commented, ‘Jesus challenged the conventions of his time and changed the outlooks on women, children and the outcast, which promoted a more equal society.’ Katrina (Lower VI) said ‘I appreciate Jesus and his integrity; he gave a voice to the outcast’.

While Alekia (Lower VI) concludes, ‘Jesus worked to change people’s perspectives, opinions and actions towards others (e.g. outcasts, women, children, the poor) so in this way he can definitely be viewed as game changer’.

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