Junior Music Competition

Posted: 26th February 2018

Raising our voices!

Miss Westley, Music Department, reports on the wonderful Junior Music Competition which was held on Wednesday 7th February.  This was a golden opportunity for Junior girls to compete in their school Houses and enjoy the sounds they make!

‘This term Junior girls have been participating in a Music Competition, which culminated in a fantastic final and House Singing Competition on Wednesday afternoon.

Girls have been performing a huge variety of solos in class Music lessons, from hymns to pop songs, improvisations and compositions, and on a variety of instruments.  The way in which they have participated has been incredibly impressive. Winners from each class were chosen (with difficulty) and performed in the final to all Junior girls and a visiting adjudicator; Mrs Chatfield, Director of Music at Carrdus School in Northamptonshire.

Many congratulations to all the finalists; as Mrs Chatfield highlighted, it is no mean feat to perform to your peers, teachers and all the girls did a sterling job, with fantastic support from their classmates. Mrs Chatfield was very impressed with all our soloists and the girls were lucky to be given some useful and personal feedback from our visiting judge. She reiterated to all our girls the importance of bowing at the end of a performance to acknowledge the audience.

Well done to Lara Ward, who was this year’s Winner with an exceptional performance of Rigaudon, a French baroque dance, on the violin!

Following the solo final, we then finished the music competition with the House Singing, this year’s song being ‘Be the Change.’

St George had the difficult job of performing first but sang very well and with a beautiful sound. St Michael followed them equally well. Mrs Chatfield commented on how well the Upper II girls in these two houses led the younger girls. Next up was St Raphael, and they really got the audience involved, full of energy and enthusiasm. St Gabriel were fourth to sing and rivalled St Raphael in their movement and sound.

Congratulations to St Raphael for being crowned the first House Singing winners!

Many thanks to Mrs A Chatfield for coming to judge and well done to everybody involved.

The results were:

Class Winner Highly Commended
Upper IIA Isabel Jeffries and Rya Vydelingum  
Upper II Alpha Sayo Aono Alexandra Pourgourides
Lower IIA Eve Ward Sienna St Paul
Lower II Alpha Lucia Puccetti Angel-Mai Hylton and Emily Price
Upper I Lara Ward Claudia Bileckyj and Olivia McKenna
Lower I Sarah Kamar Sofia Lupin


Overall Winner:          Lara Ward

Highly commended in Final:   Isabel Jeffries and Lucia Puccetti

House Song Winners:  St Raphael’

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