Nursery visit to the Chapel

Posted: 9th November 2017

Learning for life at St Augustine’s Priory

The Chapel is at the centre of life at St Augustine’s Priory and learning about the Chapel starts early!  Mrs Morris reports that this week the Nursery children visited the Chapel to learn about Holy Water and Baptism for their Religious Education Topic.  The children learnt how to make the sign of the Cross by taking it in turns to dip their fingers in the Holy Water stoop at the entrance to the Chapel and then made the Sign of the Cross as they entered the Chapel.

Mrs Morris continues, ‘We talked about how we behave in the Chapel and then said our morning prayers together.

We had read a story and talked about Baptism in the Nursery so we got into groups and acted out a short Baptism listening to some music and taking it in turns to be Parents, Godparents, the Priest and the family.’

Later this term we are looking forward to seeing the Nursery perform their Nativity play, always one of the highlights of the Advent season.

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