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Posted: 20th October 2017

Congratulations to Miss Naylor

Many of you will know Miss Naylor, who works in our Bursary as the Finance and Examinations Assistant.  While working at St Augustine’s Priory Miss Naylor has also been studying for her accountancy qualification which she achieved this summer.  This has been an incredible journey for Miss Naylor which she writes to tell us about here:

‘I have now been at St Augustine’s Priory for just over two years working in the Bursary as the Finance and Examinations Assistant.  Prior to starting at the school I studied for a Level 3 BTEC Extended Business Diploma at West Thames College in Isleworth. During the first year my lecturers advised me to study the AAT Level 2 Accounting Certificate as they identified that I had a natural ability for maths, the analysis and the principles involved in accountancy.  In year two I started the AAT course alongside my BTEC. This involved dedicating two evenings per week for lectures and most weekends for revision! I then passed my BTEC with a triple distinction with triple merit, which is the equivalent to three A* in A Levels. After passing my Level 2, I was encouraged to go to University for further studies. However, I decided that University was not for me and started looking for a full time job in finance that would support me in continuing my studies to become an Accountant. I applied for my current role at St Augustine’s Priory and my interview was on the same day that I received my BTEC results! I was ecstatic when I was offered the position here the next day.

Since starting in the Bursary I have maintained a full time job and attended college two evenings a week to study for AAT Level 3 and Level 4. I had to revise for exams most weekends and in the last two years I have taken eleven exams and completed an extended project on a company’s internal controls and accounting systems. This has not been easy as accountancy is much more than just understanding maths. I have had to learn many facets of accountancy including budgeting, financial statements and performance, credit control, personal tax and professional ethics. Some of these topics I have loved and some I have found extremely challenging. However, the hard work has finally paid off as, at the age of twenty, I have now passed all of my exams with flying colours and I have just been accepted as a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT). This is an internationally recognised qualification and means that I can sign off the accounts for companies with a turnover up to £6.5million and a balance sheet of up to £3.26million.

Becoming a member of MAAT would not have been possible without the support I have received from the school and the relevant work experience over the last two years. I would like to thank my work colleagues who have helped for this to happen. I now look forward to continuing my professional development and taking on additional responsibilities within the Bursary.

Even though this journey has been challenging I am very pleased that I took this path, as I have now gained valuable work experience, I have a recognised qualification and I have earned an income whilst continuing my further education. This path would not be suitable for everyone, but I would recommend that people consider this route of progression as a good alternative to going to University.’

Congratulations to Miss Naylor on gaining her qualifications, a wonderful achievement.

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