Our Escape Room is open and it’s ‘the best ever’!

Posted: 7th July 2017

The clock is ticking…

St Augustine’s Priory in Ealing have turned their cellar into a real life, fully immersive Escape Room for the last week of the summer term.   Inspired by a school trip to live escape room ‘clueQuest’, Mr Dellow, Head of ICT, made big plans to get the girls code breaking and team building in a live environment.

Now that it is ready to use, teams of participating students (and staff) must solve puzzles, decipher codes and think logically – or will find themselves locked in the school for the summer holidays if they are unable to ‘Escape’ in time!  A successful escape calls upon excellent communication and team work skills and each student’s problem solving and logical thinking skills will be pushed to the limit.  Each deciphered code will unlock a new room, the final and most crucial code giving teams the key to the cellar door.

The games run over the course of five days until Tuesday 11th July. There are ten student members of the Escape Room group who will staff a rota (with the help of Mr Dellow) to supervise the games. An average of seven games will take place each day and it is expected that over one hundred senior school students and around fifteen staff members will take part, making this a truly whole school event.

The countdown timer is set for thirty minutes.  Can they escape in time?

For those of you that cannot take part here is a flavour of what’s inside the St Augustine’s Priory Escape Room. Which four digit number can you gather from the clues?

Puzzles are such great fun, they can be difficult but that’s the challenge.





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