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Posted: 23rd June 2017

The Week of Monday 26th June

The Summer Arts Evening at St Augustine’s Priory, sinkholes, quantum computers and science and suffering.  Some of the events next week for our education, enjoyment and edification compiled by Mr Salmon, from whom more information is available.

Monday 26th June

Science + Suffering: Film Screening:  Forgiving Dr Mengele:  Forgiving Dr Mengele is a documentary film about Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor and Dr Josef Mengele, who experimented on her and her twin sister Miriam Mozes, as well as approximately 1,400 other twin pairs in Auschwitz-Birkenau. The documentary was directed by Bob Hercules and Cheri Pugh, who also served as producers. They followed Eva for over four years, chronicling her story and her journey to Israel.  The film screening will be introduced by Professor Dan Stone, who is Professor of Modern History and Director of the Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London.   Pretty grim, but important.   Wiener Library 18.00 Free; need to register.  https://www.wienerlibrary.co.uk/Whats-On?item=323

Light on the Jews of Ptolemaic Egypt:  Prof J Aitken.  The Ptolemaic era in Egypt (third to first centuries BCE) was a prosperous time for Jews. Yet we know little about the Jewish community in this important period. Placing the new finds in context, the lecture will show how we might construct a renewed appreciation of the place of Jews in Egyptian society.  AIAS 18.00 UCL. Free. They do like students.  http://aias.org.uk/lectures-forthcoming/

How deregulation gave us FM Radio, HBO and the iPhone:  Prof T Hazlett.  The radio spectrum is an extraordinarily valuable resource that most of us are quite oblivious to. The talk will show how insights from economist Ronald Coase led to a deregulation revolution that brought us much of the technology and free expression we take for granted                 today, from smartphones to Game of Thrones.  18.00 Adam Smith Institute.


Tuesday 27th June

Memoirs of the Memoryless: A Markovian Meander from Disk Drives to Digital Money:  At the start of the 20th Century the great Russian mathematician Andrey Markov cannot have foreseen the wide range of uses found for the     models he developed to understand independent random sequences i.e. those where predictions about the future cannot rely on an understanding of past events, only what is presently true.   Prof William Knottenbelt.  I really have no idea what this is actually about, but it sounds as if it will be rather impressive.  Imperial College 17.30 Free, need to register.http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/newsandeventspggrp/imperialcollege/eventssummary/event_11-5-2017-13-57-0

Wednesday 28th June

Summer Arts Evening at St Augustine’s Priory:  17.00-20.00.  There will be a lot of super art on show; the exam work is of very high quality. And Music, and Stitch in Time, and LAMDA, and Poetry. Worthwhile.

Future energy needs and engineering reality:  Fossil fuels have provided over 90% of the energy consumed on earth since 1800. In support of the current global push towards decarbonisation, the UK has committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by at least 80% of 1990 levels before 2050. Is it possible to achieve this target? And, if so, how? Are there lessons about the development and introduction of new technologies to be learnt from our past?  SCI 18.00. Free; need to book.  https://www.soci.org/Events/Display-Event?EventCode=MAC048&utm_medium=email&sslid=Mza0NDYzNDKzMDcxAAA&sseid=MzQ1MzC3tDAyNAIA&jobid=f180f0ea-252f-4696-a018-48e2cbbf2362

Redefining Brutalism:  Simon Henley.  The architecture we thought we all hated is now being re-evaluated.  18.30 AA Bookshop.  http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/VIDEO/lecture.php?ID=3699

Sinkholes – collapsing houses, Alice in Wonderland and witches:  Soluble (karstic) rocks including limestone, gypsum and salt all dissolve underground, resulting in cavities and cave systems that may collapse causing sinkholes to form at the surface. Limestone dissolves at a slow rate and is well-known for hosting extensive cave systems.  Dr Anthony Cooper.  Sounds terrifying.  I’d like to know the connection with Alice, and with witches.  Geological Society 18.00, free, need to register. They like students.  https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/Sinkholes17

Thursday 29th June

Living with HIV in 2017:  Living with HIV doesn’t mean the same thing as it did in the 1980s and 1990s – advances in treatments have led to most people now living with HIV experiencing long and healthy lives. However, people living into old age can develop systemic complications affecting the brain, heart and other organs, and the true extent of these so-called non-infectious co-morbidities have only recently become apparent.   Learn about a medical miracle; HIV is now a disease that you live with, not a death sentence.  Professors Sarah Fidler and Alan Winston.  Imperial College 18.00. Free, need to register.


The Creation of the Newlyn-Phillips Machine:  Prof M Morgan.  This talk explores the background of the two economists, Walter Newlyn and Bill Phillips and how they built their famous hydraulic model of the economy. [Now on exhibition at the Science Museum]. It looks at the reception of the ‘machine’ and its place in the history of economics’ thinking about the nature of the macro economy.  Every Economics nerd will be there.  LSE 18.30. Free.


Friday 30th June

What is a Quantum Computer?:  Dr Dan Browne.  UCL Department of Physics & Astronomy.  I think that I really should find out.  One of the UCL Sixth Form lectures.  18.30 UCL Free.



Saturday 1st July

English Summer Garden Party at St Augustine’s Priory:  Really good fun.  1.15 – 6.30pm.

Sunday 2nd July

Foundling Museum:  Concert at 15.00. Mostly Debussy. Free with museum entry.

Degree Shows:  And, as a great bonus, click here to find out about all the Degree shows run by Art Colleges in London.  If  you want to see what is going on in the art world, try some of these.




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