Upper I visit Kew Gardens

Posted: 29th March 2017

On Tuesday 21st March Upper I took on the role of plant hunters on an exciting visit to Kew Gardens.  Some of Upper I have written about their favourite parts of the trip:

‘As a school trip, we went to Kew Gardens and I loved it! My favourite part was when we went and did some research on trees. We looked at a specific tree in our four groups of three.  My group was me (of course) Elly and Honor and we looked at the Weeping Beech tree. It was enormous and it had huge roots and it looked like a weeping willow but with no leaves and so much bigger!’, Mahika Sohdi

‘My favourite bit was when we went to see the Venus flytrap.  I also liked the workshop because it was very interesting and I also liked the blossom on the trees.  I liked the blossom trees because they swayed in the breeze.  I also liked the ‘Bee Hive’ because it felt like you were a real bee’, Paige Irvine

Inside the ‘Bee Hive’!

‘My favourite part was the greenhouse because I saw the carnivorous plants! I really liked the pond with the lily pads and the lilies were different colours. The ‘Bee Hive’ was awesome because it felt like I was a bee!’, Fernanda Gupta

‘I really liked everything!  I really liked the greenhouse because I saw so many interesting plants which lived in the greenhouse but are from exotic countries.  I liked the workshop when we were learning about the interesting trees and their Latin names, so overall it was an epic trip!’ Claudia Edison

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