Form III and French poetry

Posted: 22nd March 2017

La cuisine de l’amour: The Food of Love

Form III are producing their own book of poetry – in French!

The days leading up to St Valentine’s Day in February were an occasion when Form III Form III expanded not only their French language skills but also their culinary knowledge. Ms Gandi, Modern Languages Department, reports that, ‘Form III have been working on the topic of food in French.  They have very creatively adopted their learning to the season and put together their best love lines in some imaginative romantic poems.  Of course, this was all done accurately – using possessive adjectives with masculine and feminine nouns and the correct grammar!’


Form III’s poetry is being compiled and the resulting booklet, ‘Les Petits Poèmes d’amour’, will be distributed to the Form – a lovely example of cross-curricular activity which combines poetry, the learning of a language and culinary knowledge!

Here are some examples of Form III’s creativity:

‘Tu es la boulette dans mes spaghettis’ (you are the meatball in my spaghetti) by Freya,

‘Tu es la pomme sur ma tarte’ (you are the apple on my pie) by Lilian,

‘Tu es la confiture sur mon pain grille’ (you are the jam on my toast ) by Lily and Maysa,

‘Tu es le fromage sur ma pizza’ (you are the cheese on my pizza) by Emma,

‘Tu es le steak dans mon hamburger’ (you are the steak in my burger) by Maryam,

‘Tu es le poisson sur mes frites’ (you are the fish on my chips) by Amber and Milan,

‘Tu  es la fraise sur ma glace’ (you are the strawberry on my ice cream) by Arushi,

‘Tu es les pépites de chocolat dans mon gâteau’ (you are the chocolate chips in my cake) by Ana,

And a line which expands this poetic technique…

‘Tu es le nez sur mon visage’ (you are the nose on my face) by Chloe.

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