Form III and the Good Samaritan Mass

Posted: 6th July 2016

Westminster Cathedral

On Tuesday 21st June the Good Samaritan Mass was held at Westminster Cathedral, celebrating the work of schools for the Crisis Fund of the Catholic Children’s Society, Westminster.  Dilichi Dieobi, Form III Alpha, was privileged to read at the Mass and said, ‘I was lucky enough to read a bidding prayer at the Good Samarian Mass.  I felt very nervous at the beginning of the Mass but after I finished the reading I felt very proud to be part of the occasion.  This was an amazing opportunity, thank you to the RE Department for granting me this privilege’.


Lucia Orsi, also Form III Alpha, added, ‘The atmosphere was quite extraordinary.  The Mass was celebrated by the Cardinal who had previously visited St Augustine’s Priory to celebrate our centennial Mass.  This occasion brought together many Catholic schools from the Westminster Diocese as a fundraising campaign for the Catholic Children’s Society’s Crisis Fund.  The Crisis Fund will provide one-off grants to support families for whom a relatively small amount of funding can make a big difference, those in urgent need of help or facing a crisis’.


Thank you to Form III for attending this Mass and highlighting the work of the Catholic Children’s Society.


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