Meeting Members of Staff

Posted: 20th May 2016

Mrs G Pugh, Teacher of Biology

Mrs Gail Pugh is starting with us in September as a teacher of Biology.  We look forward to welcoming her to St Augustine’s Priory and here share an article she has written for us:

‘I grew up in Ealing and have lived here all my life. Even though I have travelled all over the world, I can’t think of a more lovely place to be.  My degree is in Biochemistry and I attended King’s College in London. I am currently a Science teacher at a girl’s convent school in Hounslow.


I came to St Augustine’s as a pupil when I was four and stayed until I completed my A Levels and would love to enable future female St Augustine’s Priory scientists to go out into the world and do great things.

Amongst my achievements are that I was the research scientist who relaunched Spangles sweets in the late 1990s (ask your parents or grandparents about them) and I designed the dimensions of the Mars Megabar & Snickers Hungerbuster (imagine the current bar sizes and multiply by three) and organised the first enormous bars made on the production line – chocolate and nougat everywhere!

I am very much looking forward to joining the St Augustine’s Priory community in September and meeting my new colleagues and students.’


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