Charities Week!

Posted: 29th January 2016

Our annual week of fundraising

Charities Week is a long-standing tradition at St Augustine’s Priory.  Every year the whole school community joins forces to raise funds for the charities chosen by the school Houses.  This year it will take place next week and from Monday 1st to Friday 5th February there will be an assortment of activities, competitions and cake sales designed to raise money for each of these charities.  St Gabriel has chosen The Rainbow Trust, St George is raising money for Refugee Action, St Michael for Marie Curie and St Raphael is targeting the Mayhew Animal Hospital.  A guide book to Charities Week 2016 has been distributed with a list of events included.


Apart from all the academic work which continues at full pace, activities abound.  The week commences with the Junior and Senior Bake Off on Monday with house points and merit marks awarded for best presentation and best taste.  Tuesday sees the Prep and Junior Biscuit Decoration and a hotly fought Staff v. Sixth Form Dodgeball match.  Wednesday is the day of the Eco-fashion show and in the afternoon the Juniors will enjoy a film.  Thursday sees the Junior Bring and Buy Sale and a Fair in the Hall, led by Form III.  The week ends on a high with the Junior and Senior Talent Shows and the Prep and Junior Discos.


Also running through the week are themed own-clothes days with each House responsible for an own clothes day.  St George is organising Monday which has a Superhero theme, St Raphael is holding an own clothes Animal theme on Tuesday.  Wednesday sees St Gabriel holding the own clothes day with the theme of Blue and Thursday is the turn of St Michael with the theme of Disney.


The own clothes day theme for Friday is run by the whole school and this year the theme is the Periodic Table, a golden opportunity to dress as an element from the periodic table with prizes being awarded for the most creative ideas.


Eagerly anticipated by staff and senior students alike is the game of ‘Assassins’, a long-running tradition of Charities Week.  This is an exciting game of elimination for those in the Senior School and staff where participants are each given a piece of paper with a name on it, your target.  The aim is to find this person during breaks and lunchtime and place on them a sticker with the word ‘Dead’ written on it.  They then give you the name they were given and you then go and find that person and repeat the process.  The game continues until there is a last person standing! There are strict rules about where and when this game can be played, all contained in the guide to Charities Week.

We are all looking forward to next week and all that it holds!


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