Road Safety Week

Posted: 21st January 2016

A safer environment for all

From 25th – 29th January St Augustine’s Priory is holding its own Road Safety Week.  All sorts of activities are planned together with PSHEE lessons and information leaflets.

Road Safety affects us all, pedestrians and drivers alike, and we all must be aware of the safety of and consideration for ourselves, our children and other members of the public.

Bad habits become ingrained and I hope that the information below is effective in identifying and so curing them.


Ealing Council’s regulations on parking outside all borough schools are very clear:

  • The concession for parking on a yellow line for five minutes to pick up or drop off children to and from school no longer applies.
  • Motorists are only permitted to park in a resident’s parking space for up to 10 minutes whilst dropping off or picking up children.
  • If a vehicle is parked for longer than 10 minutes, a PCN may be issued.
  • Note that this concession does not apply to vehicles blocking dropped kerbs, which give access to a resident’s driveway.
  • The yellow ‘SCHOOL-KEEP-CLEAR’ zig-zag markings outside the school are being enforced with mobile CCTV and penalty charge notices issued for illegal parking within the controlled hours.
  • Stopping or parking on double yellow lines opposite the school is prohibited.


It is also worthwhile to remind everyone of the procedures with respect to car park and school entrance safety:

  • Pedestrians must never use either of the vehicle gates to enter or leave the school.
  • Pedestrians must instead use the central pedestrian gate leading to the path and to the enclosed area in front of Reception door
  • Cars dropping off and picking up must not park on the yellow zig zag lines outside the school or on double yellow lines
  • Under no circumstances must girls be dropped off whilst their vehicle is pausing at the zebra crossing or in stationary traffic. Parents must ensure vehicles are safely parked to allow girls to exit safely
  • Do not allow children to be unsupervised in the car parking areas
  • The visitors’ car park is not to be used during drop off and pick up.

Drop off and pick up can be busy and finding suitable parking places stressful. It is vital, however, to put safety first and we thank you for your understanding and support.


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