Calling Lower II to Upper IV scientists!

Posted: 14th January 2016

Young Scientist of the Year

Ms Hayden, Head of Physics, announces the launch of this year’s St Augustine’s Priory Young Scientist of the Year Competition:


‘We are pleased to announce the return of the St. Augustine’s Priory Young Scientist of the Year Competition, which was launched on 11th January and will run until 29th April.

Students from Lower II up to Upper IV are invited to take part – either completing

  • a project (an investigation/experiment, or building a model),
  • or presenting a piece of research (in the format of a video, a poster, a booklet, or any medium).

Entrants may compete either in an individual division or as a group. Entrants may focus on any part of Science that they wish to.

All entries will be displayed in an exhibition during the Summer Term, and will be subsequently judged, the winners of each division being announced during the Summer Term.

There are prizes of science kits to be won and there will be trophies for the winning Senior and Junior houses!

The final date to collect and complete your entry forms is 20th January. We look forward to seeing all entries!’

So, whether you are a physicist, chemist, biologist or an astronomer, get your entry forms now and enter our Young Scientist of the Year competition!

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