Here Be Dragons!

Posted: 11th January 2016

Lower I make new friends…

Lower I is learning about Dragons, Myths and Legends in their English lessons.  To encourage the pupils to think very seriously about dragons and their role in our history, culture and literature Mrs Van Der Merwe, Form Teacher, Lower I, invited some fiery visitors to the school to demonstrate their skills.


We are very fortunate that Mrs Van Der Merwe managed to capture some of Lower I’s exciting new friends on film last week while they were showcasing their very individual talents for us.


Thank you to our incendiary guests and to Mrs Van Der Merwe.  We know that Lower I will enjoy learning about these wonderful creatures and their place in our hearts.

P.S.  I would like to assure parents that no dragon, pupil, part of school or Mrs Van Der Merwe were hurt in any way during the making of these films.

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