Sixth Form study 100 Women 2015

Posted: 23rd November 2015

Inspiration for our Sixth Formers

In General R.E. the Sixth Formers have been researching some of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2015. This year the BBC has focused on octogenarians sharing life lessons; ‘good girl’ film-makers discussing expectations; nursing; five high-profile women; and ’30 under 30′ entrepreneurs.

The girls have learnt about Sonita Alizadeh, a young rapper from Afghanistan. She uses her music to give a voice to the thousands of young Afghan girls who are sold into forced marriage. She was lucky, she escaped before her family sold her.


Many of the scientists in the class found Rabia Salihu Said a truly inspirational women.  Nigerian Rabia is a physicist who has been involved for the last 30 years with national and local projects which encourage young people to enter the field of science. A mother of six, she received the Elsevier award in 2015 for her work on climate and deforestation.

During the lesson Simran said she was “inspired by different aspects of these women’s lives. It doesn’t have to be something done to them but something they’ve done themselves.”

After researching  Masoumeh Ataei, the victim of an acid attack by her father-in-law, Monica  commented that many of the women they found out about were so courageous and show that, “Don’t let negative  occurrences destroy you but motivate you to help those for the greater good”.


Other women the girls researched are Nareen Shammo, a 28 year old Iraqi who is working to combat ISI and, in particular, freeing women who have been captured by ISI. They are inspired by her courage and dedication to helping the lives of others.

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