Sixth Formers take on the Maths Challenge

Posted: 13th November 2015

Mathematicians triumph!

The Senior (Sixth Form) Maths Challenge 2015 took place last week.  This is an annual competition organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust which tests A Level mathematicians and challenges them to solve some frighteningly difficult problems.

The results were announced last night and we were thrilled to hear that Ririko Yoshie (Upper VI) had a positively stratospheric score that qualifies for the British Mathematical Olympiad in two weeks’ time.  Her score was 30% higher than that required for a Gold certificate!


We were delighted that a further six girls achieved Bronze certificates and they are:

Ridhi Thukral, Upper VI

Lida Ghanadian, Upper VI

Sophie Soerland, Upper VI

Anastasia Petrovic, Lower VI

Simran Bal, Lower VI

and Rebecca Ball, Lower VI

Many congratulations to our wonderful mathematicians and the Mathematics Department on this great achievement!


If any of you reading this article are budding mathematical stars, you may like to try one of the questions from this year’s paper.

Peter has 25 cards, each printed with a different integer from 1 to 25. He wishes to place N cards in a single row so that the numbers on every adjacent pair of cards have a prime factor in common. What is the largest value of N for which this is possible?

A 16      B 18       C 20        D 22       E 24

Good luck!

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