Priory Post 149 – Exploring the Isle of Wight

Posted: 28th August 2015

Exploring the Isle of Wight

Upper I and Lower II’s residential visit

From Wednesday 29th April to Friday 1st May 2015 Upper I and Lower II went on an exciting residential visit to PGL Little Canada Centre on the Isle of Wight. They had a brilliant time learning new skills and challenging themselves through activities such as archery, abseiling, fencing and 3G Swing. Here is what some of the girls had to say…


‘The Isle of Wight trip was amazing; I am definitely going in Lower II! I loved every second of it! All the instructors were really nice. My favourite part was aeroball because it was really fun bouncing on the trampoline and I love trampolining! I loved the songs on the way to the activities!’ said Claudia Lozinski ,Upper I

‘The Isle of Wight was really fun because we did really fun activities like archery, fencing, aeroball, quad biking, orienteering, problem solving, climbing and circus skills. My favourite activities were quad biking, orienteering and climbing,’ was the verdict of Holly Hau in Upper I.


Isabella Wong, also in Upper I, said ‘The best part of the Isle of Wight from my point of view was the disco! I really enjoyed myself and had lots of fun. I loved all the songs and dancing!’ While Sofia Duffy, Upper I, had this to say ‘My favourite part was indoor climbing. It was very high and I climbed all the way. It was like walking in the air!’

Vinaya Shah, Upper I said, ‘I liked circus skills because I was good at juggling’ and her classmate Ambar Grewal commented, ‘I liked archery and fencing but best of all was the disco, it was so fun! Thank you!’ and Sophie Fung, also Upper I said ‘I loved the rooms’.  But Upper I’s verdict can be summed up by Melanie West, ‘It was AWESOME!’


Lower II Alpha classmates had this to say, ‘The Isle of Wight was the best trip ever! Especially the catwalk and the giant swing. Our cabins were like home and the teachers were very nice’ said Sofia Krunic. Mathilde Thal commented ‘I loved the cat walk and the giant swing and abseiling because they were probably the scariest things I have done in my life!’

Grace Nason said that ‘I loved spending time with my friends and the food was great!’ and Lily Rodney added, ‘I really liked the trapeze, it was a great experience! We did so many fun activities. I loved spending time with my friends’.  Fikayo Ajayi  summed up Lower II Alpha’s reaction to the visit:  ‘I loved everything!’


In Lower IIA the comments were also positive.  Amber Connery said, ‘I really enjoyed the trip to the Isle of Wight. My favourite part was the 3G Swing because it was really fun, but also quite scary!’ Grace Jones added ‘I loved being with my friends in the cabin!’ and Lucy Williams commented, ‘My favourite part was the trapeze because it was challenging and I caught it!’  Lily Rai added, ‘My favourite activities were the 3G swing, the beach walk and abseiling! We also had a lot of fun in the cabins’ and Isabella Le Bouedec agreed, ‘I loved the 3G Swing (you sit in a harness, they pull you up and you fall!) it was amazing!’


But the final word must go to Maggie Amos, ‘I loved everything that we did on the Isle of Wight – there was nothing I did not like!’

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