Priory Post 133 – Poems from the Priory

Posted: 27th August 2015

Poems from the Priory

Upper IV to Sixth Form Workshops

Our always successful Tom Warner poetry workshops are now in their third year.  This year over twenty students from Upper IV to the Sixth Form have enjoyed and benefitted from these workshops run by the poet, Tom Warner.  The students take part in blocks of five workshops and undertake a range of exercises designed to enable them to explore and develop as writers.


Tom Warner is one of Faber’s New Poets and is widely published and highly regarded.  His latest volume of poetry, Yoga, was shortlisted for the East Anglian Book Awards 2014.


As ever, our students have produced poetry of a very impressive standard and the final poems are now being put together for our third volume of ‘Poems from the Priory’ which, as with the previous two booklets, will be available to purchase – they are always much in demand, so make sure to buy a copy!


We are very grateful to Tom Warner and our English Department for yet again running these poetry workshops which are loved by the girls and enable them to mature as poets; and we look forward to enjoying yet another stimulating volume of poetry!


Be sure to look out for our poets reading their work at our forthcoming Summer Arts Festival on Tuesday 30th June.





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